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Need a CMS-Use Joomla!

Joomla! is one of the most powerful Open Source Content Management Systems available. It is used all over the world for everything from simple websites to Extranet and Intranets.

Anybody even those who consider themselves to be non-technical, with basic Word knowledge can edit, create articles and upload images from any Internet connected PC. No special software is required to maintain the site.

The ability to publish content rather than just create it can be managed.

You will easily be able to add new press releases or news items, manage staff pages, and create an unlimited amount of Sections, Categories, and Content Items on your web site via a simple, browser-based interface. Content can even be published by email.


Out of the box, Joomla! does a great job of managing the content needed to make your website sing. But for many people, the true power of Joomla! lies in the application framework that makes it possible for thousands of developers around the world to create powerful add-ons and extensions. Here are just some examples of the hundreds of available extensions:

  • Dynamic form builders
  • Business or organisational directories
  • Document management
  • image and multimedia galleries
  • E-commerce and shopping cart engines
  • Forums and chat software
  • Calendars
  • Blogging software
  • Directory services
  • Email newsletters
  • Data collection and reporting tools
  • Banner advertising systems
  • Subscription services
  • and many, many moreā€¦

If your company decides to use the Joomla! framework to build it's web presence around, you are building on an open platform that does not tie you to any one developer or to a proprietary, closed application.



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